Muhammad Khan Junejo


Muhammad Khan Junejo was born on August 18, 1932, at Sindhri, Sindh. After completing his Senior Cambridge, he went to United Kingdom for a Diploma in Agriculture.

Junejo started his political career at the age of 21. In 1962, he was elected Member Provincial Assembly, West Pakistan from Sanghar. He was appointed Minister in the West Pakistan Cabinet in July 1963 and held the portfolios of Health, Basic Democracies and Local Government, Works, Communications and Railways.

After non-party based polls were held for the National and Provincial Assembles in 1985, President Zia appointed Muhammad Khan Junejo as the Prime Minister. He was, however, dismissed on May 29, 1988, by the President using discretionary powers given to him given under the Eighth Amendment.

Muhammad Khan Junejo was again elected Member of the National Assembly in 1990. He died of illness in March 1993.


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