Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan


Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is unquestionably the great celebrity that Pakistan has ever produced in the history of Nuclear Science. This living icon was born in April 1st, 1936 in Bhopal, British India and is now considers as a Pakistani nuclear scientist and metallurgical engineer, usually observed as the inventor of nuclear program in Pakistan. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan thought-out in St. Anthony’s High School of Lahore and after that enrolled at the D.J. Science College in Karachi. In attendance, he took B.Sc. in Physics and B.A. in Mathematics under the modern management of Suparco physicist Dr. Bashir Syed. In the year 1956, he went to Karachi University and got B.Sc. Metallurgy in 1960. Then he went to West Germany to further study Metallurgical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin.

In 1967, Khan attained an engineer’s degree, an alike of Master of Science, from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, as well as the Doctor of Engineering degree in Metallurgical engineering. In 2004, he had responsible by previous President General Parevez Musharraf that to having an involvement in a secret international network of nuclear weapons technology explosion from Pakistan to Libya, Iran and North Korea. Alternatively on February 6, 2009 Islamabad High Court confirmed Dr. A. Q. Khan as an unconventional citizen of Pakistan and declared that he is open to breathe in Pakistan. He also respectively acknowledged in Pakistan as Mohsin-e-Pakistan. Notable awards include Hilal-i-Imtiaz (14-8-1989) and Nishan-e-Imtiaz (14-8-1996 and 23-3-1999).





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