Hafeez Jalandhari (1900-1982)

Hafeez Jalandhri, mostly known as Abul Asar Hafeez Jalandhri 14 January 1900 was a Urdu poet, writer and the creator of the poetry of Pakistani anthem.He got the real fame due to his rhythmic Ghazals.The famous ‘Shahnama-e-Islam’ also falls into his credit. His poetry has a versatility dealing with all the basic emotions; religious, romantic, patriotic and other natural aspects. His poetry costitutes the classics of the Urdu literature.

Early Life.
Hafeez was born in Jalandhar.His father was Shams-ud-din who was Hafiz-e-Quran.He firstly studied in mosque and then got admission in some local school. He got education up to seventh class .He got no more formal education.

He first married in 1917 , when he was seventeen years old . His first wife was his cousin Zeenat Begum. They altogather had seven children. All were girls and no boy. In 1939 he married for the second time with a young English woman and had one child. She was divorced, later on. His first wife died in 1954.After that in 1955 he and Khurshid Begum got married. This third relation also gifted him one child.

Later Life.
In 1922 – 1929 he remained the editor of a few monthly magazines namely , Nonehal Hazar Dastaan , Teehzeeb-e-Niswan , Makhzin. His first collection of poems Nagma-e-Zar was published in 1935. After the World War II , he worked as the director of the Song Publicity Department . During this same time he wrote songs that were much liked by the public.

He won Pakistan’s most prestigious awards.

* Hilal-e-Imtiaz
* Pride of Performance

He died on December 21st, 1982 at the age of eighty two years. He was buried in Model Town , Lahore but later on his dead body was re-buried in the tomb near Minar-e-Pakistan.


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