Nawabzada Balach Marri

Nawabzada Balach Marri was born in 17th January 1965 at Quetta. He was in third by the series of Nawab Kher Buksh Marri’s sons. He got his early education from grammar school Quetta. Then he went to Moscow a capital of Russia, he got civil engineering degree from Russia. Then he come back to Balochistan. Meer Balach was a linguistic person. He had good relationship with news reporters. He was found of study.
In 1973 when a big operation started against Balach nation in Bhutto government then most of Marri Balach went to Afghanistan, Nawabzada Balach also went to Afghanistan with them. When situation became normal then they arrived in Balochistan. The he went to London, during this period he visited Balochistan.
In 6th January 2000, Nawab Kher Baksh Marri and his five sons and including Marri tribe is to be involved by the government in murder of justice Nawaz Marri (a high court judge).

Due to this case they went to London, in 2000 election he submitted their documents from London and he conquered  Muhobath khan Marri at least 5000 votes then he came back to Pakistan. At least he joined two session of Balochistan assembly. During taking vow (oath) he showed his faith completeness with Balochistan, then the senate member of parliament became scorched. Muslim league tried him to join Muslim league but he discarded Muslim league this offer. He came to his village Kahan, it a small village in Kholo. In Kahan he tried to finish the (fastshing) between Marri and Bugti tribes. In 5th December 2005 mostly officials want to meet with Meer Balach but Meer Balach refused to meet with Pakistan officials. Officials blame rocket attack to government officials.

In 15th December when fifth big military operation started again, then shaheed Meer went to mount with shaheed NawaB Akbar khan Bugti and start resistance. In 26th August when Nawab Akbar was killed in Bambor, during this period a rumor  spread i.e. Nawabzada Meer Baloch was also killed but this was only rumor

After Nawabzada Akbar Khan Bugti continues resistance for freedom many times rumors spread i.e. Meer Balach was killed but now he his no more with us. He was a freedom fighter leader also he was an ideal leader for Baloch nation, people like live today expect him.

Finally, in 21 November 2007, a non confirmed news that is Nawabzada was wounded in afghan  border at Surlath, his friends took him in Halmand in a small hospital of Italy but he can not service and he material. Finally we solute his  braveness man and show him red Salute.



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