Begum Viqar-un-Nisa


Begum Viqar-un-Nisa, an Austrian by birth, was married to Sir Feroz Khan Noon in 1945. They left Dehli for Lahore the same year, after Sir Noon resigned from the Viceroy’s Cabinet. Because of her husband”s leading role in Indian politics, Begum Noon had the opportunity of studying the political situation and public opinion very closely. She organized election campaigns and became a member of the Punjab Provincial Women’s Sub-Committee. In pursuance of the League’s cause, she organized a band of the girl students and other women volunteers and made tours of other districts of the province for promotion of the cause of the Muslim League.

During the Civil disobedience movement in Punjab, Begum Noon was one of the leading women leaders responsible for successfully organizing the processions and demonstrations against the British backed Khizar Ministry and courted arrest on three occasions.

During the period of mass transfer of population after the partition, she rendered invaluable assistance to various refugees committees and camps. She has been closely associated with Red Cross and represented Pakistan on various occasions.

After a protracted illness, she passed away on January 16 2000, in Islamabad.



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