Nawab Naseer Khan Noori


of yaar Mohammad Rind


During the regime of Balochs in the past including the regime of Mir Naseer Khan Noori, not any foreign could dare to enter Balochistan.

Baloch`s castles (gydans) and property was  safe. Without any herds, Balochs use to leave their camels and cows for grazing  but they were not missed after many months.

Due to cowardness, disunity, selfishness, laziness and  to earn the bread by easy means
without toil, the house was burnt by her own Candles.

The Candles which set ablaze Baloch-land  did not moved if a part of
Baloch land was burning. The Tribal heads were fiddeling when
Balochs of South Afghanistan were attacked. Sanjranees fought
bravely but could not overcome due to the indifference  of the rest of

The great Baloch leader Mir.Dad Shah became  a powerful man  by the waring  Balochs of Sistan and Makuran. It was neglecated  by the rest of
Balochistan and he fell prey to  Persians.

The Baluch State of Sindh did fall but the tribes of Balochistan regarded
it a attack on Sindh and not a attack on Balochs.

The Southern Baloch areas of Panjab came under the influence of non-balochs, but the rest of Balochs regareded it not their own business.

Balochs did not encountered British Raj with one voice like Afghans.
The result was the weakness of Baloch State to bargain with British
and again the inclination of Baloch Tribal Heads to be Pro-british and then Pro-Pakistani, resulted the enslavement of Balochs by non-Balochs.

To-day, Balochs are being killed like animals but the top leaders are
fighting with each other, claiming to be the owner of the Baloch  crown which is already has been lost.

The out-siders are laughing on the weakness of Balochs but the big
Baloch fishes   are busy to sabotage the struggle of Balochs for freedeom with their “Show-business.” They are trying to make numbers  to show  their masters and west world that Balochs not stand for  the salvation of Baloch nation.

The  Sarawn Thug turned heir  of Khane Baloch, Mr. Aslam Raesani, uses his card to distract Baloch with his “Lahore Resolution 1940” which
he and his collegue knows very well that Panjabis shall never ,ever accept the old paper. He and other gentle-men have become a tool of the machinary in Balochistan`s butcher-house to eliminate the  Baloch`s sons.

In Balochistan`s butcher-house, the killing of Balochs continues
and Pakistanis are indifferent to the mass Baloch massacre. The
history of Balochistn shall be repeated in Pakistan in the
foreseeble period, without any doubt!!!


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