Akbar Khan (Pakistani general)


Name Maj. Gen. Mohammad Akbar Khan
Rank Brigadier (At that time)
Period 1966 to March 1979

Major General Muhammad Akbar Khan belonged to the Minhas Rajput clan of Chakwal. He was the eldest child of Sardar Bahadur Raja Fazal Dad Khan. Gen. Muhammad Akbar Khan served as a British Indian recruit in the First World War and an officer in Second World War. He was the first Indian Muslim to become a General in British Indian Army. At the time of the partition of India, he was the most senior Muslim General.

In the World War II he was awarded the Order of the British Empire due to his exemplary leadership in battle of Dunkirk where he was able to lead his battalion safely out of a disastrous situation. Consequently, he became the first Indian Muslim to be promoted to the post of a General in the British Indian Army.

Pakistan’s First General
After Independence he was allotted the number one by the Pakistan Army and hence he is regarded as the senior-most officer of the Pakistan Army. He wrote many books on military strategy and Art of War. He also has the honor of being the first ADC to Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

As the senior-most General of the Pakistan Army, he was destined to become the first Commander in Chief of the Pakistan Army. However, he declined the post. His brother General Iftikhar Khan Shaheed was thus tapped to become the C-in-C of the Pakistan Army. General Akbar was the eldest of amongst his 14 siblings; His brothers were General Iftikhar Khan Shaheed, General Anwar Khan, Brig Muhammad Zafar Khan, Brig Afzal, and Brig Yousaf.


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