Hazart  Khwaja Syed Sha Baba Fakhruddin Suharwardy (Rahmatullah Alaih) is a great Sufi saint of 12 th century. He was born on 26th Ramzan 564 Hijri [1169 CE] to Hazrat Syed Sultan Hussani (RA) and Bibi Fatima Sagir (RA).  Bibi Fatima Sagir (RA) conceived Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin (RA) after consuming the Jannati mewa given by Hazrat Kizr (AS) and Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (RA) blessed this world with his birth on the night of Laylat ul Qadr after completed recitation of Holy Quran from mother’s womb.


He was a great king and an accomplished Islamic scholar and guided ulema on intricate religious matters.

  He abdicated the throne of Sistan and Shahpur of then Persia and present day Iran, in the path of Allah, and travelled through Persia, Kashmir, Gujrat in pursuit of Pir-o-Murshid (Spiritual Guide) and reached Tiruchirapalli (Tamilnadu) and took bayat [Spiritual allegiance] on the hands of Qalandar Barhaq Hazrath Tabl-e-Aalam Baadshah Nathar Vali Dhaul Samandar (QS), who himself was a king and had renounced world too for the Almighty’s cause. After serving His Master for several years received khilafat and on Pir-o_Murshid Nathar Auliya’s command started his journey towards unknown location where the miswak twig would bloom into a plant, and blessed the current day dargah by making it his final resting place.

His mausoleum is located Penukonda, which is in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Dargah of Qutub ul Aaqtaab Hazarat Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) is the chief presidency [Sadar Chowk] of South India and abode of chowks [offices] of different orders of Fakirs [ Rafai, Shah Jalali, Madari, Malang and Banawa]

He is revered with full faith and great deity by all religions.

Miracle – Being alive after death

“They (martyrs) are alive in the presence of their Lord, being provided for” [3:169] 

–           HOLY QURAN                                                               

It is believed that Auliya Allah (Saints) are alive in their Mazars (Grave), following incident is the proof of this belief.

In the year of 694 Hijri,one day Baba was preaching a king of Rayal dynasty on how waliallah (Saints) live even after one’s death and advocated, person who hardened the body by subjecting to intense religious zeal attains unity with Almighty and the body won’t decay and will be alive till and after Qayamat (Doomsday).

To bring clarity, Baba quoted an example, which is as follows:-

Two pots made of clay, one just dried in sun and the other brunt in a furnace, buried after digging two separate pits in the mud. After few days, when both the pits opened, the burnt pot has well in tact its form and shape whereas the pot that was dried but not burnt,has lost its form and turned into clay.

Likewise, when a human burns himself by truthfully following Allah and His prophet Mohammed Rasoolallah’s (Peace be upon Him) preaching he/she be alive even in the grave and the body won’t get touched by mud or any insects.

As the king was still doubtful, Baba stated that, the king can check for himself, by opening Baba’s grave, for body being untouched by the mud even after 40 years of Baba leaving the world. For this king replied that, he is already old and may die even before 40 years. Baba smiled and offered His 40 years of life to the king to verify after 40 years by opening the burial. Baba also said if he couldn’t wait for 40 years,he could open after 40 days of his burial.

  On Thursday 12 th day of Jamada Al Akhir 694 Hijri’ (1295 C.E),as foretold Syedul Aarifien Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) passes away from this world after 40 days from this incident at the age of 130 years.

On the 40 th day from Baba’s demise, king and others dig the burial place of Baba and observed that the body is fresh with a smile on the face.

The king got convinced. However, to substantiate, after 40 years they did it again and found that the Baba’s body is still fresh and with full of flowers !!!! Masha Allah!

Hazrat Syedina Baba Fakhruddin Soharwardi Qaddas Allahu…




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