The mausoleum of Bibi Pak Daman is at some distance from Durand Road. According to legend the name of Bibi Pak Daman was Rukia alies Bibi Haj. She is said to have been related to Hazrat Ali and she along with some companions came to Lahore after the tragedy of Karbala. It is said a certain Hindu Raja who then ruled Lahore on hearing of the news of their arrival summoned them to his court, but as they were purdah observing ladies they prayed to God for death.
The earth thereupon opened, and the pious lady and her companion ladies were buried alive. There is some controversy about this legend for it is held that no lady relared to Hazrat Ali was named Bibi Haj. Moreover it is argued that after the tragedy of Karbala there was no point in any Muslim ladies coming to Lahore which was ruled by the Hindus. Some scholars told that Bibi Haj was the daughter of Syed Ahmed Tokhta who died in the closing years of the 12th century and whose shrine is inside Akbari gate. There are again some scholars who hold that the daughter of Syed Ahmad Tokhta was married to the ruler of Kech Mekran and she died at Mekran and never came to Lahore.
We find that Hazrat Ismail whose shrine is on Hall Road came to Lahore before the conquest of Lahore by the Muslims. It is probable that some Muslim ladies might have also come to Lahore during that period, and though not actually related to Hazrat Ali they might have been Syed and therefore his descendants.


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