Great defender and leader of the saints are born of religious parents Hasani tribes, in the year 478 Hijri at Gilan in Persia. He is Syed from both sides, from the father as well as the mother. His father Syed Abu Saleh, a prominent and God-fearing man. When he was engrossed in meditation by the bank of a river he saw an apple floating down the rivers. He picked it and ate it. It struck him that he ate the apple without paying for it so he sets out in search of the owner, the bank of the river and finally reached the owner of the apple orchard, Abdullah Somai whom he requested to tell him the price of the apple, Abdullah replied Somai is an expensive affair. Syed Abu Saleh replied that he was not much by way of worldly material but he can deliver for her compensation. Somai Abdullah then asked him to Work for a year in the garden. In course of time the duration of extended many times. In the end Somai Abdullah admitted that he served him in excess of the price and want to reward him. Abu Saleh hesitated to accept it but when Abdullah Somai persisted, he relented. He said he had a daughter, blind of eyes, handicapped hands and feet and wanted to give her in marriage to him. In this way Somai Abdullah was married to his daughter, Syeda Fatimah. To his astonishment at Abu Saleh was found in her wondrously beautiful and wholesome. He complained to his father-in-law he found his exact opposite of what he described her. Somai Abdullah insisted the sincerity of his statement. He is blind because he had seen a man who can marry her. She was mute because she never uttered a word repugnant in the Shairah. She was deaf because he did not hear anything inconsistent with the Shairah. He has a disability of hands and feet because he had moved in the direction of evil. The father died after a great defender and the little orphan was reared by his mother and under the kindly care of his grand father, Abdullah Somai.He busied himself for forty years in the service of Faith from 561 to 521 Hijri Nowadays hundreds embarrassed Islam because of him and organized several teams to go abroad for the purpose. He arrived in India in 1428 AD. And stayed at Multan. His Qadriya to still exist in India. He died 561 Hijri at the age of 91 years.


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