Haji Ali is a revered tomb (dargah) of Muslims. Not only from Mumbai, people from all over India come to pay homage to this mosque. Situated on an island off the coast of Worli, Haji Ali Mosque looks stunning amid the blue waters of the sea. It is also the most popular attraction in Bombay. In 1431, the mosque was built by Haji Ali – a wealthy Muslim merchant who gave up all worldly charms before the pilgrimage to Mecca.As per the legends, Haji Ali, left this world during his trip to Mecca and a case that his body floated back to Mumbai. Other stories say that the great saint drowned at the place where the mosque stands at the moment. On Thursday and Friday, the shrine is visited by at least 40,000 pilgrims. Regardless of faith and religion, people visit the ‘dargah’ the blessings of the legendary saint to get.The building is a shining example of Indo-Islamic style of architecture. Built on a small island, the mosque is located approximately 500 meters from the coastline, in the middle of Worli Bay. This island is connected to the Mahalakshmi area by a narrow footbridge, which is not even limited by the fences and is sensitive to seawater at high-tide. Consequently, you only in the mosque during the low tide.The footbridge, offering 500-yard walk, the highlight of this expedition, where the touch of cool water and warm air in all, this is a divine experience. In a sprawling area of ??4500 meters, Haji Ali Dargah is a grave which is always covered with a flowery red and green leaves, supported by a delicate silver frame. The marble columns in the main hall are decorated with mirrors and multihued embracing the ninety-nine names of Allah.The Dargah Haji Ali does not distinguish between a religion and caste. So despite being a Muslim shrine, people of all beliefs, religions and from all walks of life here. It is the faith of these people who bring them here.The saint Haji Ali Dargah is a garden filled with people busy calming their parched throats and snacks. The soft wind blowing in your face in the serene surroundings of the dargah leave you with a heavenly feeling. The dargah was full of people every Thursday and Friday. The places where men and women sitting in the dargah be delineated from one another.


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