Muqtada-e-Ahl al-Tariqat, Rahhuma-e-Raahe Haqiqat, Hadrat Shaykh Maroof Karkhi radi Allahu anhu is the ninth Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaderiya. He attained all his knowledge under the watchful eye of Imam Ali Raza radi Allahu anhu. He became mureed of Hadrat Habeeb Raa’ee, and was blessed with Khilafat from Hadrat Habeeb Ra’ee, Hadrat Ali Raza and Hadrat Awliyah Ta’ee Allah be pleased with them all.

He passed away on a Friday or Saturday, on the 2nd of Muharram, 200 Hijri. After his demise, Hadrat Muhammad bin Abul Hussain radi Allahu anhu says, that he saw Hadrat Maroof Karkhi radi Allahu anhu in his dream and he asked him how Almighty Allah had treated him. He said;

Almighty Allah pardoned me, not because of my piety but because of what I heard from Hadrat Samaak radi Allahu anhu in Kufa, when he said, ‘He who leaves all ties and turns towards Allah, then Allah Almighty Allah sends his Mercy towards him and he turns all his servants in his direction.’ I followed this advice of his and turned completely towards Allah, and with the exception of the khidmat of Hadrat Ali (Raza) radi Allahu anhu I left everything else.

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