Makhdum Rashid (Urdu: مخدُوم رشِيد‎), (Punjabi: مخدوم رشِید) is a town in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Makhdoom Rashid is 20 km distant from Multan towards the east on Vehari Road (old Multan Dehli Road). The population of Makhdoom Rashid is approximately 30,000. The majority of the population is from the Makhdum Abdul Rashid family, also known as Quraishi Hashmi.

Makhdoom Rashid town is named after the Sufi saint Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani who also founded this town almost one thousand year ago.Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani was the cousin of Makhdum Baha ul Haq (Baha ud Din Zakrya) and the daughter son[clarification needed] of Abdulqadir Jilani.Makhdoom Abdul Rashid was disciple and mureed of famous saint Mir Sayyed Ali Hamadani buried in khitlan (Tajkistan).The mausoleum of Haqqani is in Makhdoom Rashid and was built one hundred years ago.

The urs of Hazrat Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani is held throughout the month of Haar (June), and attracts pilgrims from other areas. There is a water well near the mausoleum, which is said to produce water only during the month of Haar. It is believed that the water cures physical and spiritual diseases. The origin of this belief is a story that Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani suffered from disease and after recovering threw the remaining medicine into the well. The present mausoleum of Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani and adjacent to mausoleum unique five dome Masjid, the 2nd masjid of this type throughout the world and is the work of finest Multani art ” Blue Pottery”.

Mosque in Makhdoom Rashid

Allama Abu Al-Khair Asadi belonging to Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani family was a great Sunni Hanfi Muslim Scholar of Islam[1]. Makhdoom Muhammad Javed Hashmi descendent from Makhdum Abdul Rashid Haqqani family famous personality of Makhddom Rashid.


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