Was born in a humble family in Basra in 713 AD, the daughter of 4 of her parents. On the night of her birth there was nothing in the house__not oil to light up the house, or a small cloth to swaddle a newborn child. Appealed to her mother and her father to borrow some oil from the neighbors. This was the moment of the path of his father’s poor, who had God’s promise not to extend a hand to help by any being.he deadly went to a neighbor s house, locked the door of his office, but there was no response. Thanked God for being able to fulfill his promise. Returned and went to sleep. That night, he had a dream where the Prophet of Islam congratulated him on his newly born son who was destined to reach the position in the great spiritual islam.Rabia lost her parents at an early age. Three sisters also died in the famine that swept Basra. It fell into the hands of tyrent who sold her as a slave for as frivolous. The new principal’s less than Rabia tyrant.Little spent most of her time in the implementation of orders of her master. Spent the night in prayer. Disclosure of one night her master signs greatness.She her spritual was praying to God .. “Glory be to Him you have made me a slave to man, and I am a duty to serve him, even if it was free I had devoted every moment of my life to pray for you.” “Suddenly surrounded the aura of the holy head, and her master, horror-stricken to see the light. The next morning, which put her free. Rabia is free retired to a secluded location on the life of meditation and later moved to a cell was near Basra, where he lived the life of austerity, strict thousand mat worn, the pot pottery and bricks formed her bags full, which is devoted entirely to the same prayers, and was just a wink of sleep before dawn and so many regrets. made a number of good efforts to marry her .. but a lot of dedicated to the god Rabia it a little time for affairs of wordly., and therefore declined them.


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