Sachal Sarmast (1739-1829) was a renowned Sindhi Sufi poet during the Kalhora era. Abdul Wahab was his real name and “Sachal” was the name he used in his own poetry. Sachu means truth in Sindhi and Sachalu means truthful. Sarmast means mystic in Sindhi and Urdu. Suchal Sarmast literally means ‘truthful mystic’. Sachal Sarmast was an ardent follower of Wahdat-ul-Wujood, an Islamic Philosophy synonymous with Hamah Oost.

Sachal Sarmast (Mian Abdul Wahab), the great mystic of Sindh, is the leading Sufi poet of distinction who composed verses on philosophy and Sufism. He is known as second Mansoor ul Hajj because of his poetry and philosophy. Sache Dino, Sachoo (the truthful) and Sachal Sarmast were radical Sufi pursuits with which he challenged the rigid mindset of the clergy of his times.

Also called ‘shair-e- haft zaban ‘ (poet in seven languages) as he composed poetical pieces in Arabic, Sindhi, Seraiki, Punjabi, Urdu, Persian and others, that is replete with Divine Love.

As Sachal put it……..

“There is no way but the way of Muhammad . If don’t know this then that heart is unaware of everything”

It is on Monotheism, the Glorious Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad .He also composed poems of high order in Urdu and Persian. The great Sufi poets Attar, Sami and Roomi influenced him.

As Sachal put it……….

Sindhi poetry of Sachal Sarmast encompasses a wide range of subjects and possesses its own individuality. He perfected a great deal of old style i.e. Abyat and Dohas greatly in vogue before him. While Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (another Sufi poet of Sindh) enhanced the standard of Sindhi poetry to the highest level of excellence in style, diction and subject matter.

As Sachal put it……….

“Neither I am a follower, nor a Master; all are the Devotees of Devotee.
Neither I am a dictator, nor a savage, but I’m the leader of Peace”

Sachal Sarmast raised the standard and level of kafi, ghazal and marsia in Sindhi poetry. Unlike Shah Latif whose compositions are woven around local and folk themes, Sachal Sarmast has touched all great Sufi saints, fountains of knowledge and learning, besides the most popular folktales of the Indus valley.
The images, similes, metaphors and allegories employed by Sachal Sarmast give him a prominent place in Sindhi literature.

None but Muhammad in the universe, no one is along with you but Hazrat Ali .


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