Shah Jamal 3

The walled city of Lahore has so much in it. You can call it a city of landmarks as it offers various such places regarding history. Amidst these landmarks is the Tomb of Shah Jamal which is located in the town of Ichhrah, Lahore. The tomb was built for the great Sufi Baba Shah Jamal and includes a Masjid combined with graveyard. People visit this tomb every Friday after midnight. Everyone takes part fully in the Majlis. It is said that this tradition is being acted upon from hundreds of years and still people show their great interest in this Majlis.

Enthusiasts play the beat of Dhol fanatically. Several famous Dhol players, Fakirs and Darvesh people take part fully and these Majalis. Dhol played by Pappu Sayeen (from overload band) is the centre of attraction of the whole Majlis and people love to listen to this lively beat of dhol. The Majlis is attended by every single devotee, from a child to an old man, from a student to a government official. Moreover, Tourists from other countries always visit this tomb of Shah Jamal to take the joys of Pakistani culture.

However, for the respect of Shah Jamal’s shrine, people wear simple dresses and the environment there is safe. The Majlis there is so lively that everyone loves to do something for it and the whole Thursday night gets so enjoyable. People from far places come here to see the beauty and charming lights of this tomb. Moreover, another tradition of this tomb is that one drink a special drink known as ‘Hashish’ or one can smoke too which is usually forbidden in these types of festivals.

The whole architecture of the tomb is quite enchanting and the lighting there is worth seeing. The shrine gives the attendees everything they want like food, shelter and a living Majlis. But people consider the fun there more important than other things provided in the Majlis at the Tomb of Shah Jamal. So, whenever you visit Lahore, you must attend this Majlis once in your lifetime.


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