Miran Hussain Zanjani and his brother Yaqub Zanjani who were born in Zanjan in Khurasan, came to Lahore around 557 A.H. The consideration of “Tabligh” and Islamization of the people of newly acquired territory in Indian subcontinent apart from the main attraction was that the city abounded in people of high spiritual attainments and deep erudition.

According to a narration Hussain Zanjani and Ali Hujweri were disciples of the same teacher. The day Ali Hujweri entered Lahore the funeral of Hussain Zanjani was being taken to graveyard and Hazrat Data Sahib led the funeral prayer. This tradition is based on the story related by Nizamud Din Auliya in “Fuwaid-al-Fuwad”. But it has now been proved to be historically untrue, because Hussain Zanjani lived in Lahore during the early part of the seventh century (A.H.) when he met Muinudin Chishti who came to visit Ali Hujweri’s tomb, and according to tradition spent forty nights there for spiritual illumination. According to Dara Shikoh, Muinudin and Hussain Zanjani met and enjoyed each other’s company. Hussain Zanjani died in 604 A.H. and was buried in the locality, which is now known as Chah-I-Miran. It was once situated in a beautiful garden known after his name but the garden has disappeared due to the ravages of time. His tomb stands on a raided platform and has no dome.

Syed Hussain Zanjani lived in Lahore for over 36-37 years and during this period thousands embraced Islam due to his preaching.


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  1. Dear
    It is painful for me that you are telling that Hazrat Nizam-ud-din is a liar and Prince Dara Shoku was a pious and true person
    My dear i want to noted one thing for your vocabulary that Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Aulia(R.A) give the light that the the person who passed the gate of “Bahishti Darwaza” he passed the gate of “Paradise” . The second thing is that he also announced that any person who wants to meet any Peer Sahibs he should have to study the books of Kashful Majoob.
    My dear fellow it is really astonishing for me that you accept two reference but deny Peer Bhai of Meeran Hussain and Data Ganj Bukhsh
    Sajada Nasheen
    Darbar Syed Miran Hussain Shah Zanjani
    Syed Muhammad Idrees Shah Zanjani

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