Syed Qalandar ILM Ali Shah Jilani” was born in Muscat ,to the village of chat in 1930. His Spiritual Lineage, (Shajra Mubarak) Descendents meets “Hazrat Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani”.

Basically, you belong to District Chaghi Baluchistan Pakistan (Dalbandeen Ras Qoa Baluchistan), but your forefathers are originally, from the “SARGAN” which is in Iran.

From here once saint of your family “Shai Hareen” settled in (SARGAN Qiblahi) of Iran. And from here your father came in Sultanate of Oman (Muscat) where you were born.

Where you’re (Grandfather’s Grandfather) whose real name is “Syed Baladi Shah Qadri Jilani” famous as “BLAH NOSH” which means the remover of BLAH (evil remover)

Your real name is “Syed Ghulam Shah Jilani” which was kept by your grandfather. But because of your affection and true love with “Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani” you used to call your Self Ghulam Jilani.

ILM Ali Shah” is the name that you got from “MOLA ALI”.

You always used to say that I am a Devotee of “Ghous-e-Azam”. And my name is ILM Ali.

Once you asked, your father who is the saint of (Qutub Zama) why don?t you keep followers. So your (father) said, Master is who, who have you meet GOD, and follower is who, who Desire for God,. But people come here for worldly necessities.

Childhood life 

In childhood, whenever you used to lay down in bed, Found yourself on soil in the Morning. Father asked ,you why don?t you sleep in the bed. So you said, BABA in mid Night a strange voice comes saying (BO TURAB) and that voice is all that strong and Powerful that gets me up from the bed and put me on the soil.
And then ,your father asked, you what is that voice you said, (BO TURAB) and having Heard this your father got extremely happy, and he would keep on telling you to say that word over and over again and then kiss your lips, And then your father said its mean you belong to MOLA ALI.

ILM ALI said, I have known about Shams Tabriz and Mirza Ghalib by birth.
Over which your father said, because of MOLA ALI. When you were admitted to Madrasah. You used to start reading from where teacher tells you, people started praising your father that he has educated his son in very early age.

When your father asked: you. Who taught you holy Quran? You said, I sit near so and so tree of date a ball of soil comes with a person in it, who I can?t see even his nails are covered. He teaches me and then goes.

Your mother shifted you back to Sargan, when your father passed away your mother sent you to the famous saint of that term Gareeb shah, along with one of her relatives, So that he may bless you .When you reached there from so far that saint of GOD, saw you and waved you as to stop you. And got up from the Gathering and came close to you, and asked, you the reason of arrival so you said, My Mother has sent me here, as to be blessed by you. So that I may get well having heard that saint said, you can’t be better then what you are. And more said, the reason why I have come to you on my own cause the more you come towards me the more I get Sinner. And said, beware of Karachi, You said, what is Karachi? He replied, where you will suffer a lot. Your mother came to Karachi, after staying for some day , went to Meer poor khas.

Where your mother passed away. You and your elder brother start living in the farm of Peer Ghulam Rasool Shah Jilani,Where peer sahib grown some flowers for shrine which he given to both of you, Syed Ramadan shah ,had been poisoned and got martyrdom. Who is laid to rest in this farm as well and then, you start living alone. You were deeply in Love with SHEIKH SYED ABDUL QADIR JILANI, cause of fondness of him, He did Not know how to eat how to sit how to walk, I mean totally destroyed in the love of SHEIKH SYED ABDUL QADIR JILANI,so you used to hang around in jangles, in the Search of Your Love. You sometimes lived alone in the cold mountains, of Afghanistan Sometimes into the Blazing deserts of sindh, fondness of SHAIKH ABDUL QADIR JILANI, took you every where remained starve for lot of days, used to eat leafs of trees to exist and the skin of melon by washing it.

You have never begged, nor disgrace your family. And always hide the fact that you are a Real syed so that people may not say that syed made a mistake, You were the follower of Hazrat syed peer Ibrahim shah, in qadri order, you are from Iraq and used to speak Arabic. Your eyes were all that powerful that whenever your eyes fell on something Directly, got burn into ashes, that?s why you used to put on black glasses, by putting lime on the front of glasses, Your shrine is in Kolkata (India).

From the qalandari order, Your master was syed sohaliah shah bukari ,who was of the Breed of your purdadaaz daughter .She married to Shah Hussain bukari, who was the Follower of blahnosh, used to herd his goats, You were a fantastic saint. Because of Being very pious and patience balanosh gave his daughter to you, Hazrat LaL Shahbaz was your master and you were very close to him.

You went to sewan ,on the order of SHEIK ABDUL QADIR JILANI, He ordered you to not question there ,and do the Service don?t demand anything do the devotional dance a lot and recite holy Quran, as Well remain humble. Cause LAL SHAHBAZ QALANDAR, likes all these things,So you Executed over all those things. Used to bring water for shrine, Would serve the devotees of God, Remained quiet. Recited holy Quran, and do the devotional dance.

You were all that destroyed in the love of QALANDAR PAK, that you got off at the Station and tie the rope all around your waist and ordered, to two men?s to drag you all the way up till the shrine,thats exactly what they did, You got bruises „and scratches all around your body after they dragged you, You used to go to the shrine, under the blazing sun. Cause of kneeing a lot you got lots of blisters, Once you were kneeing in the shrine. Someone said, He is a real lover as he said, so became a saint. When shrine used to be Swept and wringed the water in the bucket so you would have that water.

You have said. I am a lover of HAZRAT SHEIK ABDUL QADIR JILANI, but I became a devotee in The shrine of my master HAZRAT LAL SHAHBAZ QALANDAR,Sayed sale shah who was you?re master. Whenever he used to go to the shrine of HAZRAT LAL SHAHBAZ QALANDAR, put you forward and never step into the shrine, until you enter into it. And Said, I am not accepted here without you, You spent most of your time in liyari, Once you were staying at the convent of your master peer sayed Ibrahim bahauddin, where you prayed a lot and penance as well. You used to pray forty rokat each night,and would try a lot to recite the whole Quran, overnight but. Could not recite more than 15 chapters. When you used to feel sleepy would put bitter oil in your eyes, Because of which your Eyes got affected,You used to get unconscious at times than people would sprinkle water on you as to bring you around. Your body used to get all that hot that people would put Clay all around your body. You dug out a well in the same convent, Which was about 2 to 3 feet deep. And water was always available in it. People used to take water from the well .But no one ever thought of where this water comes from. After the construction .they Finished it, than fixed a holy flag on it. In the old term .you used to wear old pants and Shirts, In this area, a women of the age of about 40 used to live here. Who was were ordered to marry her, when your name was asked during „THE MATRIMONIAL VOW?. You said, ghulam jilani .when scholar started writing on a Paper so, pen started running itself and written sayed ghulam shah jilani, same thing Happened, when second paper was taken. Again, same thing when third paper was taken. So, your name was written as ghulam jilani at the end. This was your real name. After THE MATRIMONIAL VOW, you ordered your wife to be in cover. So, she said, I am too old. Why cover. After which successer of Baghdad sayed saalim jilani, Came into the dream saying .now, you have entered into our group so it is necessary for you to cover yourself.than your wife came to know that you are a syed and belong to Aaley baith. It is a matter of that time, when SAYED ABDUL QADIR JILANI, was a embasseder of Iraq in Pakistan.

Capital was Karach,it was a day of 12 Rabihul awal . You remain starve for so many days,you built up a mosque by the name of husaini madarsa ,you did not even have that much that you would do neyaaz for RASOOLPAK, you took a one jug filled with water and did fateha for RASOOLPAK and than distributed it to the pupils, of Mosque and got unconscious cause of starvation than you saw RASOOL PAK, He said, son open your eyes, you said no, I am a sinner ,I don?t deserve to see you ,RASOOL PAK said, open your eyes and see all kinds of neyaaz is being done in the city, population of this city is 36 lakes,GOD, has excepted your neyaaz of one jug of water out of 36 lake.

You always used to order people to said pray connect one lover to another . Not only did you fast punctually but feel good in serving the faster and said, my forfathers used to serve the faster .you have spent all your life in serving the poor, and needy. You respect shariya,and preach others to respect it as well.

You were fond of Qalanderana style. Someone asked you why don?t you build a house you said, write to me, that I will live in it for good. you spent everything in the name of GOD, and kept nothing for your own interest, you were deeply in love with BOALI SHAH QALANDAR, you said, I am exactly like BO ALI SHAH QALANDAR, you said,


Respect your friends, truly neither expect anything of them, nor envy them,you said, longing for heaven and slogging for walahiyat is a sin as well more said, father belongs to the GOD, and mother to RASOOL, whoever convince father will win the favor of GOD, whoever convince mother will win the favor of RASOOL PAK,you used to work a lot and tell your followers, to work said, there is nothing like earning with your own hands, you were truthful. You said, do what you say ,whether you have to sell your house and more add that don?t say what you can?t do.BABA said,riskay halal is a light which put light in your body, you used to say, to your followers to not keep money for me as it is a sin,. When you said, its necessary for all of you to keep money as you have a family it is necessary for you all to be frugal .you had a peculiar personality. Sometimes you were hot-headed ,and all that hard that could not bear anything. Sometimes became all quite sometimes became a innocent baby and stutter like a baby. Sometimes all that clever that you would recognize the hypocrisy of people.

You would recognize whoever came from far and wide that why he is coming and the reason of arrival as well .even used to recognize the footsteps, sometimes used to do the devotional dance and said, this kalaam is mine. Whenever you used to talk so all in the conference would seem that you are referring to them, you have never hold grudge against anyone. you were very forgiving no matter what. you said, if I forgive people GOD would forgive me. you were all against cursing .you said, whoever will curse the umma of RASOOL PAK may it be a saint or anyone will be embarrass on the judgment day, before RASOOL PAK, all kind of people used to visit you and you would be very nice to them, as BOALISHAH QALANDAR put it.

Someone asked you one day that who will be your successor after you ,you said, everyone would see when the sun rise, you got hitched second time on the order of HAZRAT SHEIK ABDUL QADIR JILANI, when you were quite meek. you used to say the girl, who I got hitched with is like RABIYA BASRI, and will get the same stature and she is your mother, although she is younger than all of you. obey her command and everything is her after me. You passed away.


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